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$20,000 in Past-Due Benefits Recovered from CIGNA for East Coast Worker

Operana Law Office was recently successful in obtaining nearly $20,000 in past-due back benefits for an east coast client. Bill, who resides in Washington D.C., worked as a machine operator and had a history of hip pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and peripheral neuropathy of the legs. He eventually underwent surgery and had hip replacements done in both the left and right hips. Unfortunately, after months of recovery, physical therapy, and pain management, he never fully recovered and had to file for disability.

CIGNA initially approved his claim and found that he was no longer able to perform the duties of his own occupation. However, after a period of time, CIGNA alleged that his condition improved and that he was able to return to a less demanding job in another occupation. Despite his doctor’s restrictions, CIGNA denied Bill’s claim for ongoing LTD benefits.

Bill reached out to us for assistance in appealing CIGNA’s denial. Upon reviewing his file and appealing his case, we argued that CIGNA’s doctors ignored certain pieces of the medical evidence and failed to consider all of his symptoms, restrictions and limitations. We also recommended that he undergo a Nerve Conduction Study to further demonstrate the effects of his neuropathy and leg pain. Finally, we reached out to his own doctor and obtained an opinion contesting the findings of CIGNA’s doctor.

Upon reviewing all of the supportive information we provided, CIGNA overturned its decision and reinstated payment of Bill’s long-term disability benefits, awarding him nearly $20,000 in past-due benefits as well as future ongoing benefits.

Most insurance companies, including CIGNA, routinely deny claims at the “any occupation” stage and allege that you can return to a less demanding job, despite what your doctors say. If you have been denied LTD benefits, contact us for a free case evaluation and to discuss your legal rights.

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