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Dealing with Reliance Standard Long Term Disability Claims

Reliance Standard has a track record of improperly denying claims. We have worked on many appeals and lawsuits against Reliance Standard. In many of our cases, we actually work very closely with the adjuster and have direct contact via phone and email. We have seen first hand the sorts of bad faith efforts given by claim handlers and adjusters when it comes to your LTD claim. We have been successful in arguing directly to the adjusters and their superiors, sometimes without having to file formal appeals or lawsuits. In our experience, Reliance Standard, just like many other insurance companies, conducts bias medical reviews and ignores a lot of the medical and vocational information provided. It is our job to set the record straight and get them to pay your benefits.

To get help with your Reliance Standard of Lincoln Financial LTD claim, give us a call today at 855-999-1969.

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