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Finance Industry Executive Successful with Claims Against Unum Insurance and Social Security Adminis

Operana Law was recently successful in assisting a client with her claims against Unum Life Insurance Company and the Social Security Administration. Valerie, a Florida resident, spent most of her career in the finance and accounting industry. Due to the nature of her job, she spent hours at the computer, analyzing financial data and crunching numbers. This took a toll on her neck and she developed degenerative disc disease of her cervical spine. She required neck surgery and thereafter, she had permanent restrictions that limited her from returning to work. After a 30+ year career of working, she had to apply for disability.

She initially applied for Long-Term Disability benefits from her employer’s disability policy through Unum Insurance Company. Unum initially approved her claim following her neck surgery; however, after a few short months, Unum denied further coverage. She also applied for Social Security Disability benefits but was also denied.

Valerie sought our assistance to help appeal both claims. To support her case, we reached out to her primary care doctors and surgeon for medical opinions. Upon gathering this information, we filed appeals with both Unum and the Social Security Administration. However, despite all of the supportive information we received, Unum and Social Security again denied her claims.

Following both denials, we took legal action and a filed a civil lawsuit against Unum. We also requested a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge of the Social Security Administration to consider her SSDI claim. We argued that Unum acted in bad faith and abused its discretion when it evaluated her disability claim. The parties elected to mediate the matter and following a lengthy exchange of negotiations over several days, the parties were able to reach an amicable out-of-court settlement.

Attorney Brandon Operana later represented Valerie at her Social Security Disability hearing. We presented her case to the Judge and argued that her ongoing pain and restrictions would preclude her from ever being able to return to work in the future. The Judge ultimately decided in favor of Valerie and approved her claim, awarding her thousands of dollars in past-due and future benefits.

If you are disabled and have been denied your benefits, contact us today to discuss your rights. Operana Law will work tirelessly, advocating for your best interests, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call us today at 855-999-1969 for a free consultation.


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