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Hartford and Prudential Disability Claims Approved for Dialysis Patients with Kidney Failure

Operana Law Office was recently successful in obtaining long-term disability benefits for two separate clients who suffered from kidney failure and end stage renal disease. Both clients had long-term disability policies from their employers, one from The Hartford, and the other from Prudential Insurance Company. Each insurer had denied the claims due to “lack of medical information” and stopped payment of LTD benefits with little to no warning.

Our clients, who both suffered from kidney failure and end stage renal disease (ESRD), had been routinely attending dialysis treatments three times per week, with each treatment taking up to four hours at a time, and significant time for rest and recovery thereafter. Having to attend dialysis treatments multiple times per week would certainly prevent a person from working in any capacity. Despite knowing the devastating effects that ESRD and dialysis treatments have on an individual, The Hartford and Prudential both chose to deny these claims.

After being denied, our clients reached out and hired us to help. We immediately got in contact with their insurance companies and began investigating their claims. We also reached out to their medical providers, dialysis treatment centers, and clinics to obtain updated medical information.

Upon receiving the updated medical documentation, we presented formal appeals to The Hartford and Prudential. We specifically contested the reasons set forth in their denial letters and demanded that benefits be reinstated immediately due to the severe and terminal nature of our clients' illnesses.

After receiving our appeal letters, both The Hartford and Prudential immediately reinstated our clients' claims and approved ongoing LTD benefits. In fact, our office was able to get both claims approved in less than 15 days. (Approval times may vary and cannot be guaranteed)

Although our clients still have an uphill battle and challenging health issues to face, they at least have the peace of mind that fighting with their insurance company for disability benefits is not one of them.

If you are a dialysis patient that has been denied long-term disability benefits by your insurance company, contact us right away for immediate assistance.

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