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How Much Does A Disability Attorney Cost?

Most long term disability attorneys work on a contingent basis, meaning, they only charge a fee if they are successful in winning your case. Some attorneys also charge flat rate fees, regardless of whether your case is won or lost.

Our office primarily works on a contingent fee basis. While this gives you peace of mind, it gives us a high incentive to present the best possible case to your insurance company because we only get paid if you get paid. If we are not able to obtain your disability benefits, you will owe us nothing.

Typical contingent fee rates for attorneys can range anywhere from 25% up to 40%, with the average being around 33%. Some attorneys also charge ongoing monthly fees for a period of time if they are successful in obtaining your benefits. For example, if an attorney wins your case and obtains your past-due benefits, they will also charge you a percentage of your monthly benefits going forward for a period that can range anywhere from 12 to 24 months, or sometimes, indefinitely.

We urge you to be very cautious of the representation contract and fee agreement that you sign. Read the fine print and be fully aware of the future obligations and terms.

At Operana Law, we feel that it is unfair to charge ongoing monthly fees. You have already paid your attorney enough to help you obtain your past-due benefits, why should you have to continue to pay them?

Operana Law Office never charges ongoing monthly fees. If your case results in a past-due benefit award, that is all that you will be obligated to pay us.

However, if you do want assistance going forward, our office is always happy to continue working with you and your insurance company. We offer an ongoing monthly monitoring service that is completely optional and you can choose to end the service at any time.

We also know that contingency fee rates can be expensive, especially if your monthly benefit amount is high. Therefore, we also offer capped fees, hourly rates, and flat-rate contingency fees, depending upon your circumstances and the benefits at stake.

If you have questions on attorney fees or how attorneys get paid, or want to compare rates with our office, give us a call to discuss. Operana Law Office will beat any competitor's contingency fee while ensuring the best legal representation possible.

Call us at 855-999-1969 for a free consultation.


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