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Medtronic Employee Successful in Long-Term Disability and Social Security Claims

Attorney Brandon Operana recently assisted a client who was denied long-term disability benefits through her insurer, Reliance Standard.

Mary worked as an inspector for Medtronic for nearly 20 years. Upon ending her shift and leaving work, she slipped and fell, suffering a significant back injury. Despite weeks of conservative treatment that consisted of medications, injections and physical therapy, she developed chronic pain and weakness in the limbs due to pinched nerves in her spine. Her doctor placed her off of work and she applied for long-term disability benefits. In reviewing her claim, Reliance Standard denied her benefits and alleged that she was still able to perform the duties of her job. Reliance Standard even sent her for an independent medical examination (IME) with their own doctor to further support its denial of benefits.

Following Reliance Standard’s decision to deny, we filed a lawsuit against the insurer, claiming that they denied her claim in bad faith, ignored medical evidence, and failed to conduct a full and fair review of her claim. Soon after filing suit, the parties were able to reach an amicable resolution and settled before going to trial.

At the same time, Operana Law assisted Mary with filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits. Within just a few short months of applying, the Social Security Administration approved her claim, awarding her thousands of dollars in past-due benefits.

Operana Law has helped countless individuals throughout the country with their LTD and SSDI claims. If you need assistance or have questions, call us toll free at 855-999-1969 to discuss your case.


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