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Miami Client Obtains Over $200,000 in Social Security and LTD Benefits from New York Life

Attorney Brandon Operana successfully helped a client obtain over $200,000 in combined benefits from New York Life (CIGNA) and the Social Security Administration. Our client, Madeline, worked as a Registered Nurse for the University of Miami. As the Covid pandemic started in March 2020, Madeline became increasingly worried about contracting the disease, which caused her to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Due to her fear of being around sick patients, she had to leave her job as a nurse and later applied for disability.

New York Life initially denied her long-term disability claim and alleged that her condition was not severe and she was able to work. After getting denied, Madeline reached out to our firm for assistance with her appeal. We obtained medical documentation and opinions from her doctors, as well as supporting statements from her friends, family, and employer. In just a few short weeks, New York Life had overturned its decision and approved her claim.

At the same time, we also helped Madeline file for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration had initially denied her application and reconsideration appeal, and we had to request a hearing before a Judge. We represented Madeline at her hearing and argued that the medical evidence, including the opinions from Social Security’s own doctors, supported her claim for disability. Three days after the hearing, the Judge issued a Fully Favorable decision finding Madeline was disabled. The Social Security Administration then paid all of her past-due back benefits in a lump-sum shortly thereafter.

Over the past three years, our firm assisted Madeline through every step of the disability process. While she focused on her mental health treatment, we fought the insurance company and government, ultimately helping her navigate through this difficult time in her life.

If you have been denied long-term disability by New York Life or Social Security, contact us to discuss your options and see how we can help.

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