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Michigan Casino Worker Successful in Appealing CIGNA Disability Denial

Operana Law was recently successful in overturning a denial of benefits from CIGNA. Annette, from Michigan, was employed as a games dealer for over a decade at a major casino. Due to a long history of having to stand on her feet and bend and reach throughout the day, she developed back pain. She treated her condition conservatively for years by attending physical therapy, having chiropractic adjustments, receiving injections, and taking muscle relaxers and over the counter pain medications.

Despite conservative treatment, her condition became progressively worse and she was found to have disc herniations at multiple levels and experienced nerve impingement, radiculopathy, and neuropathy into the lower extremities. Her condition became so severe she underwent lumbar spinal surgery.

Following surgery, she was restricted from performing her job as a games dealer and therefore, she sought Workers’ Compensation and Long-Term Disability benefits from her employer and CIGNA. In assessing her claim, CIGNA had her records reviewed by their physician who alleged that she had no restrictions and was able to do her job.

Annette sought our assistance thereafter to help with her appeal. To support her claim, we reached out to her treating doctors and orthopedic surgeon for medical documentation and opinions. We also argued that CIGNA’s doctors failed to fully review her medical records and essentially ignored or misstated the evidence in her claim.

Following our appeal, CIGNA agreed to pay past-due benefits as well as monthly benefits going forward. Annette now has the income protection she needs for her family and her future.

For help with a long-term disability claim, call us toll free at 855-999-1969.


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