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Nearly $50,000 in Benefits Recovered from The Standard and United Health Group

Attorney Brandon Operana was recently successful in obtaining a nearly $50,000 recovery for a client in Texas. The employee worked for United Healthcare and suffered from a history of chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, and Multiple Sclerosis. Although her conditions had existed for a number of years, her symptoms became progressively worse over time, causing her to experience significant physical impairments and cognitive deficits.

Upon applying for long-term disability benefits on her own, The Standard denied her claim and alleged that her conditions were non-severe and that she was able to return to work in her own occupation. She then sought our assistance for her appeal.

To support her claim, we obtained detailed narrative reports and medical opinions from her physicians and also referred her for independent Neuropsychological Testing - to further assess the extent of her cognitive impairments. With this information, we argued to The Standard that she would be incapable of ever returning to her job at United Healthcare. The Standard agreed and ultimately approved her LTD benefits, paying nearly $50,000 in back benefits, as well as ongoing future benefits.

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