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Over $100,000 Obtained in Whistleblower, Wrongful Termination and Employment Discrimination Claims

Operana Law Office was recently successful in obtaining over a $100,000 severance package for a client who was facing wrongful termination and discrimination by her employer. Jennifer, who worked for a private organization in St. Paul, Minnesota, was being forced by her employer to resign and accept a severance package.

During her employment, Jennifer was subjected to several instances of malfeasance and wrongdoing by her employer, both to herself and other employees. When Jennifer made a stand against her superiors to shed light on the blatant misconduct, her employer threatened her with termination. In the alternative, her employer also offered her an opportunity to resign and accept a severance package.

The initial severance offer was minimal and unfair, only providing for a few months of salary and no benefits. It also included clauses that would have prevented her from working elsewhere in a similar field.

Jennifer then reached out to our firm for assistance. After presenting evidence obtained against the employer, and outlining all of the employer’s potential legal liabilities, we were quickly able to re-negotiate the severance package. We ultimately helped Jennifer obtain over a year’s worth of salary and benefits, which totaled over $100,000; and were also able to negotiate the non-compete clauses in the agreement, so she could pursue similar employment in the same field.

If you are being faced with termination and have been offered an unfair severance, contact our firm to assist you today.

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