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Partial Disability Awarded for Kentucky Client under Unum Policy

Our office was recently successful in obtaining a partial disability award for a Kentucky client with a Unum policy. Tonya, who worked as an Advisor, became disabled in February and received short-term disability benefits for six months. In August, Tonya was now eligible to begin receiving long-term disability benefits; however, Unum denied her claim and alleged that she did not meet the policy's definition of disability.

By October, Tonya had recovered and was able to return to work. However, she wondered whether it would be worth pursuing a claim for those three months of unpaid benefits. Upon researching law firms online, Tonya quickly hired our firm to assist her in appealing Unum's denial.

We reached out to Unum and requested a copy of her files and medical information. Upon reviewing her file, we found that Unum failed to obtain certain medical records and also did not receive medical opinions from Tonya's doctors.

For Tonya's appeal, we gathered the missing medical information and also obtained an updated medical opinion from her doctor. We drafted a formal written appeal to Unum and upon reviewing the information we provided, Unum agreed to award the partial disability payment for the remaining three months Tonya was off of work.

While we realize three months worth of benefit payments may not be much, it goes to show you that no matter how big or small your claim is, we are willing to fight for you and get you the benefits that you are entitled to.

Tonya is now fully recovered and has not had any set backs from her injury. She is glad that we were able to assist her for that short time she remained disabled.

If you are in a similar situation and pondering whether it is worth fighting your insurance company for a few months of benefits, give us a call to discuss your claim and be advised of your rights.

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