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Twin Cities Healthcare Worker Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits

We were recently successful in obtaining Social Security Disability (SSDI) Benefits for a local Minnesota healthcare worker. Dianna, who worked as a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, became disabled after suffering a back injury while on the job. She required extensive medical treatment, underwent multiple surgeries, physical therapy, and pain management thereafter. Since her doctors believed she would not be able to return to work in the foreseeable future, she sought our assistance in applying for disability benefits. After obtaining all the necessary documentation and filing her application with Social Security, Dianna was approved in less than six months. She has also received Workers’ Compensation and Long-Term Disability Benefits.

If you have been hurt, whether on the job or not, you should contact a disability and injury specialist to advise you of your rights and options. Often times, injured workers can be eligible for all benefits under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act, Employer Sponsored Long-Term Disability Insurance Policy, and Social Security Disability.


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