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Washington Claimant Awarded Over $20,000 in Benefits from CIGNA

Operana Law Office was recently successful in assisting a Washington area resident in her long-term disability claim against CIGNA. Carly, who worked for a large corporation for over 15 years, suffered a work-related back injury. In addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits, she also applied for LTD benefits through her employer’s insurer, CIGNA.

In reviewing her claim, CIGNA relied upon its own physicians as well as an Independent Medical Examination (IME) report used in her workers’ compensation claim. CIGNA alleged that she was not injured and was able to return to work.

In appealing her case to CIGNA, we reached out to her primary doctor and orthopedic surgeon to obtain updated medical opinions. We also thoroughly examined CIGNA’s own physician opinions and found numerous errors and omissions from her medical records. Based upon all of the supportive information we provided, along with CIGNA being made aware that their own physicians made critical mistakes in reviewing her claim, CIGNA awarded Carly over $20,000 in past-due benefits as well as ongoing monthly LTD benefits.

If you have experienced a similar situation with your insurance company or have had an LTD claim denied by CIGNA, contact us right away to discuss your rights.

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