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What Is My Disability Case Worth?

The value of your case and benefits is determined by the salary you made when you were working and what your Employer's Long Term Disability Plan pays.

Most Employer LTD Plans pay anywhere from 50% to 60% of your monthly salary. For example, if you were earning $48,000 per year, your monthly salary would be $4,000 per month. If your Employer's LTD Plan paid 60% of that, you can expect your monthly LTD benefit to be $2,400 per month.

Most Employer LTD Plans initially pay benefits for a period of 24 months if you are disabled from performing your own occupation (the job you did at the time you stopped working). After 24 months, LTD Plans may continue to pay if you are disabled form any occupation. Even if you are able to return to work in a different occupation, you may still be entitled to future LTD benefits if you are unable to earn a percentage of what you earned before. Some LTD Plans also limit benefits due to certain conditions, such as those related to mental health or subjective impairments. LTD Plans may also have various benefit offsets, which reduce your monthly LTD benefits by what you receive from other sources such as Social Security Disability or Workers' Compensation.

If your appeal has been denied and you need to file a lawsuit in court, you may have the option of requesting that your benefits be paid in a lump sum settlement.

When dealing with an insurance company and their lawyers, our office typically makes a demand requesting that all future LTD benefits be paid to you up front. By doing so, you won't need to deal with the insurance company again or be at risk of having your benefits cut-off in the future. We can help you get that peace of mind and obtain the financial freedom that you deserve.

To find out exactly how much your case is worth and what sort of cash settlement you are entitled to, contact us at 855-999-1969.


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