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What is your experience with Prudential Insurance?

Prudential is one of the largest life insurance and long-term disability insurance carriers. We have been successful with both administrative appeals and Federal Court lawsuits against Prudential. We have also been successful in obtaining past-due benefits and lump sum awards and have routinely dealt with Prudential’s attorneys.

Prudential, like many other LTD insurers, will typically have one of their doctors review your records and make a decision on your disability, all without actually examining you. More often than not, their doctor’s misstate and ignore your medical information when forming their opinion, which ultimately leads to a denial. We have been successful in overcoming these denials by obtaining support and clarification from your own treating physicians, as well as providing support from vocational experts.

To get help with your Prudential LTD claim, give us a call today at 855-999-1969.

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