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What is your experience with The Hartford?

The Hartford consistently works to deny LTD benefits for its claimants. Whether you have just applied, are at the “any occupation” stage, or have been on claim for years, you are never safe when it comes to the Hartford.

Like most other insurers, the Hartford conducts bias and insufficient medical reviews and fails to obtain all of your medical information. In cases where we have been successful with the Hartford, we have had to obtain complete copies of medical records and updated opinions in order to correct all the inaccuracies by the insurance company. We have also demanded actual medical exams in instances where the Hartford denied the claim but did not have the person examined. Do not fall victim to the Hartford’s trap in appealing your own claim, legal assistance is strongly recommended when dealing with this insurer.

If you have questions on your LTD claim or need help, contact Operana Law at 855-999-1969.


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