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If you are reading this, you likely have questions about Social Security Disability benefits. You either need help applying, have questions on how the process works, or need help appealing a denial. Whatever your situation, Operana Law is here to help you. 

We can assist and guide you at any stage of your claim. We have extensive knowledge on the initial application process, with reconsideration appeals, representation at your hearing, and Appeals Council appeals.  We also help you complete all paperwork along the way and counsel you throughout the process.


Having an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is imperative to being successful in your disability claim.  Operana Law has helped thousands of disabled individuals in obtaining their Social Security Disability benefits.  We have tried hundreds of cases before numerous Judges throughout the nation.


We have been successful in recovering millions of dollars in past-due benefits for our Social Security Disability clients. Even if you have returned to work and are no longer disabled, we can obtain benefits for you.

We work on a strictly contingent fee basis. There is no fee unless we are successful in your case. 

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We represent clients nationwide. Whether you need help applying, appealing a denial, representation at a hearing, or just have questions about the process, we are here to help.

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Can I change my representative?

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You have paid into Social Security your whole life, now when you need your benefits, they are being denied. What are your rights?