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Should I hire a long-term disability attorney?

Why is the Appeal Guarantee important?

What should I do after I receive my long-term disability denial letter?

How does Social Security Disability affect my LTD benefits?

What are some of the offsets that may impact my claim?

What do I do if the insurance company wants me to attend an IME?

Should I pursue an appeal or file a lawsuit?

What is ERISA and how does it impact my case?

My insurance company said I could return to work in another occupation, what do I do now?

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​​My policy has a mental health limitations, is there a way around that?

I was denied due to a pre-existing condition, what are my rights?

I also had a Life Insurance policy with my employer, will I still have that policy if I get denied my LTD benefits?

When should I hire a Long-Term Disability attorney?

My insurance company set me up with an attorney to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. What are my rights and options; must I use their attorney?

What if I return to work; can I still collect benefits?

I appealed my own claim and now I must file a lawsuit, can you still help me?

​Can the insurance company legally conduct surveillance on me?

I feel my benefits have been miscalculated and that I am being underpaid. What are my rights?

I received a notice of over payment, what are my rights?

How long do I have to pursue an administrative appeal or file a lawsuit in my claim?

How long will my case take to resolve?

What is your experience with CIGNA?

What is your experience with MetLife?

What is your experience with Northwestern Mutual?

What is your experience with Principal Life?

What is your experience with Sun Life?

What is your experience with Liberty Mutual?

What is your experience with The Standard?

What is your experience with Reliance Standard?

What is your experience with Lincoln National?

What is your experience with Sedgwick?

​What is your experience with Prudential Insurance?

What is your experience with Aetna?

​What is your experience with UNUM Insurance?

What is your experience with Anthem Insurance?

​What is your experience with The Hartford?


If you are reading this, you likely have questions about long-term disability (LTD) benefits. You either need help applying, have questions on how the process works, or need help appealing a denial. Whatever your situation, Operana Law is here to help you. 

We can assist and guide you at any stage of your claim. Whether you are still working and planning to apply; receiving short-term disability benefits and have questions on transitioning into LTD benefits; or if your claim has recently been denied, we can help you.  Call us for a free consultation today!


Having an experienced LTD attorney is imperative to being successful in your LTD case.  Operana Law has helped countless disabled individuals in obtaining their benefits. We have dealt with every insurance company at the administrative appeal level and lawsuit stage. Click here to see a list of some of the lawsuits we have recently had against insurance companies.


We have been successful in recovering millions of dollars in past-due benefits, lump sum settlements, and future ongoing benefits for our clients.

We offer the most flexible and

affordable fees in the industry.

We primarily work on a contingent

basis; however if you prefer, we also

offer flat fees or hourly rates. 

We have a ZERO FEE guarantee.

This means that with our contingent

fees, there is absolutely no cost or

obligation to you unless we are

successful in obtaining your benefits.  


Here are just some of the insurance companies we have been successful against:

long-Term Disability attorneys

We represent clients nationwide. Whether you need help applying for benefits, appealing a denial, or just have questions about the process, we are here to help.

Operana Law offers an industry first assurance to you. When your claim is denied, you start to worry about your finances and your future. You simply don't have time to sit and wait while the insurance company decides your fate. At Operana Law, we are committed to doing everything we can--as quickly, aggressively, and ethically as possible. Therefore, we pledge to you that:

  • Within one business day of receiving your signed representation agreements and authorizations, we pledge that we will begin working on your case by contacting your insurance company and requesting your files. 

  • We also pledge that after receiving all of the information needed to support your claim, such as medical opinions, vocational reports, and medical records, we will draft and file your formal written administrative appeal. While some other attorneys and law firms may take days to weeks to file your appeal, our team will be committed to filing your formal written administrative appeal as soon as possible. 


Aside from our appeal pledge, Operana Law also offers you an interactive Client Portal.  Here you can see what we are doing in your case. You can see the information we have requested and obtained for your case, upload your own documents, send us messages, and give us feedback on your claim.